Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

Train With Samuel?

Due to the distances around the world it sometimes makes it impossible to train with Samuel in person. This is why SPT offers the uniques chance of distance training with Samuel. Many top level athletes now choose this option as not only do they receive the a top class individualised conditioning routine from Samuel, nutritional analysis and bespoke nutritional plan drawn up but also Samuel will take you on board as his client so feel free to email and text him throughout your training for any advice needed

What you Receive!

-Bespoke nutritional analysis of your current diet to see exactly where you are be going wrong

-Complete tailored nutritional plan to any goal you may have- weight loss, sports specific goals, muscle gain- you name it

-Supplement advice- Samuel will choose exactly the right supplements for you and give you some of the best links where to get them the cheapest and the best quality

-Complete tailored 6 week workout program to your needs. This can be from weight loss to muscle gain to sports specific goals.

-Complete support and advice to him via text- you literally are his client- even if you are in New York!

-Access to majorly discounted Face time and Skype home training sessions- £20 per half hour compared to £50 standard price!

-Body Assessment- you take a series of pictures and email to him- he can see exactly where your problems areas are to work on a balanced physique.

Many top class athletes are now under Sam’s long distance program but of course its suitable for your average person too- Samuel’s knowledge will help you excel what ever your level!

For the whole training package – £300 / $460

For any other questions or to get you started today contact Samuel on samuelponttraining@hotmail.co.uk or use the contact page on this site!