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Extreme Fitness Brighton

May 31st, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Good Hemp Protein for Health UK

If you haven’t used Hemp Protein before you are missing out on one of the best foods to promote not only health but performance in the UK.  I started using Hemp Protein after reading a clinical report about how the cannabidiolic acids that are unique to Hemp Protein can slow the rate of cancer cell migration in the body. I has become very sick during the Christmas Holidays and was looking to radically alter my lifestyle. Much of my food revolved around increasing performance, with too much focus on the macro rather than the micro nutrients.Good hemp I learned from research, not only contained the cannabidiolic acids but also a massive whack of full spectrum protein (very unusual for a plant protein) and also the hemp protein was packed with essential fatty acids (EFAS) with a really great omega 3/6 profile. Great then! Time to dive in and get some and replace much of the whey protein I was taking!

What I wanted was a good locally sourced product as I saw nearly all the Hemp came from China and I am always keen to reduce my carbon foot print and support the local economy. As I found this was nearly impossible to find. This lead me to start my own company ‘Green Muscle Hemp Protein’! I found a local farmer in Sussex UK who had just started to grow his Hemp crop for oil and Protein , so with the stars in alignment :) I started Green Muscle Hemp Protein. It was so different from the previous Hemp I had tried – the difference between a good hemp protein and a mass produce version is astronomical.

The feedback has been absolutely fantastic! People after using the hemp have not only said it tasted great (which is unusual for hemp!) but also they have noticed that their daily energy levels have skyrocketed and they have been a lot less sick throughout the year – exactly like my own experiences using it! Great affirmation of the product which made me so happy! To be able to help people with a locally sourced UK product was my dream and it came to fruition!

So what actually is the clinical evidence for the health benefits on Hemp Protein use? There are many! A quick search on pub med the leading clinical evidence site reveals too many all to list. However the main points are firstly it can reduce blood triglyceride levels , the bad harmful fats the GP tests for – this is essential if you want to avoid metabolic diseases such as coronary heart disease. Hemp protein has also been shown to reduce cancer cell migration – something I was keen to start on since the high rate of cancer in my family.

Hemp Protein has also a good direct effect to reduce inflammation in the joints through its awesome omega 3/6 profile- in fact one dose of Green Muscle Hemp provides all your EFAS for the entire day! It also has a hefty whack of ‘complete’ protein – the same amount as two large eggs per serving- so great for those looking to boost their protein intake or replace some of the animal protein with something more healthy!

All in all its been a life changing experience not only consuming the Hemp but also helping so many other people lead healthier lives by replacing some of their animal protein with plant protein that is packed with so many other health giving properties. Power Plant Protein for the Win!

Green Muscle hemp is available to buy here – Powerful Plant ProteinHemp Protein UK

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