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May 17th, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Increase your HGH (human growth hormone) Boost Your Performance

A way to massively Boost your HGH (human growth hormone) naturally


So I was listening to a podcast the other day when I heard Dr.Rhonda Patrick give a great discourse on ‘hyper thermic conditioning’ for improving athletic performance. She’s a really knowledgeable individual in so many areas when it comes to supplementation and in this field of the above. And what’s different about her is that we aren’t talking ‘bro science’ here – she cuts through the crap as she’s actually a leader in clinical research in her field.


As you may know I’m massively big on recovery after training. If you can’t recover you session is pretty much wasted and may actually be to your detriment. I use as many modalities as possible to improve my recovery rate- even more so now I’m in my mid thirties, I’ll take any advantage I can. Since concentrating on these areas I would say I’m actually fitter and healthier than I was in my early 20’s.


So what exactly is hyper thermic conditioning? It’s basically the practice of raising your body’s core temperature by a large degree on a regular basis to elicit several effects from your bodily system. The studies that she has done have namely used a sauna as the heat source – I’m unsure as yet if really hot baths can do the trick but I hope she can enlighten me on this! And the benefits are truly amazing.


So looking at endurance – she discovered that after she subjected 6 runners to 12 sauna sessions per week of 30 mins each, they could after the study run an extra 32% in distance before becoming exhausted. Now that’s pretty major. In fact it’s huge.


Then looking at growth hormone. As you may know growth hormone is important within the body for releasing igf1 factors and so help illicit repair of the muscular system after exercise and a decrease of the oxidation of proteins within the body- helping prevent muscle breakdown. Now Dr Rhonda has discovered that 2x 20 min sauna sessions boost natural GH two fold- now that is amazing! As you get older growth hormone pulses are greatly reduced making it harder to recover after sessions- this could potentially be a lifesaver for the older athlete.

Now she discovered something else amazing when it came to growth hormone release. That 2 x 1 hour sauna sessions, per day over a 7-day period, increased growth hormone levels by 16 fold- that’s a 1600% increase!!

Ok so I can hear what you’re thinking already that there’s no way you can do 2 hours in a sauna a day. However imagine this – you’re an injured athlete who relies on his/her body for a living- would you do this – sure you would to naturally rocket your levels.

And what does this mean for your average sports man? Well probably that we all should be looking at hyper thermic conditioning a lot closer and also using it as one of our modalities to recover. Until now much of focus has been on cryotherapy such as ice baths etc. which the evidence to whether it is an effective modality is scarce. I think each has its place. Ice baths to prevent inflammation close to a major event such as during the peaking phase of competition; however I do believe hyper thermic conditioning under this evidence should be used as a regular tool by all those looking to gain the edge over their physiology.

If you’d like to know what other techniques I really recommend to enhance recovery have a listen to my podcast below – its all free information – share the love!


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