Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

February 7th, 2013 at 10:02 am

Shoulders of Steel

So I finally got around to writing this post as promised (albeit some months later!) for those looking to pack on some serious size and strength on to their shoulder using a combination of kettlebell and dumbells. Shoulders maketh man- and there’s nothing more impressive than a fine set of shoulders. Years – and i’m talking years ago (80 or so) in physical culture it was all about the shoulders- a  strong men were defined with how powerful strong and large  their shoulders were, now days unfortunately it seems to be all about the pecs-I know i’d rather have flat pecs and boulder shoulders any day! Anyway Its a great killer of a session give it a go and let me know what you think- you’ll need a good selection of kettlebells and dumbbells so you may want to do this at your local well equipped gym unless you’re well stocked yourself! Anyway enjoy!

1-Light warm up on rower for 3 mins followed by mobility work around shoulder- arm circles, rotations etc for a further 3 mins

2-Arnold press with 2 kettlebells seated for following rep range over 5 sets 15,12,10,8 using increasingly heavier bells, 1.5 mins between sets

3-Standing Seesaw kettlebell press rep range per arm for sets 10,8,6,4  each set superset with upright kettlebell double rows rep range with each corresponding set- 10,8,6,6- 1.5 mins between each superset

4-Double Deadstart Kettlebell Clean and press rep range for each set 10,8,6,4 each set superset with dumbbell lateral raises 15,12,10,10 one minute between each superset

5-Dumbell Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 15,12,10,8 35 secs between sets

6- Dumbell Shrugs Rack Run/Drop Set 15 reps, 15 reps 15 reps decreasing weight non stop 1 minutes rest time repeat x 4

7- Giant set (no rest between exercises of) Standing Double Kettlebell shoulder press 10 reps, Double upright Kettlebell Row 10 reps, Dumbell Lateral Raises 10 reps, Dumbell Rear Delt Raise 10 reps, Standing double dumbell Front Raises 10 reps- 1 minutes rest repeat 3x. You’ll have to drop the weights for all these exercises significantly to get through it!


And that’s a wrap! Let me know by email if there’s any other areas you are interested in working on and the most popular i’ll write into workouts for you

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Shoulders of steel


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