Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

June 11th, 2012 at 6:51 am

Cross Training Games!

The new app the “Cross Training Games!’ is out now!
A revolutionary way to use your idevice to compete on a world stage at your favorite fitness exercises!

Compete against friends , family, colleagues and on the world stage pushing your fitness, fat loss and strength through the roof! Ever wished you could compete in the olympics? Now here’s the next best thing!

First select your event- Swings, Push Ups or Squats and simply put the idevice into your pocket or sports strap, start the clock and off you go! Bust out as many kettlebell swings, pushups or squats as you can in the time- no time for quitting now – don’t forget this is competition – time to step up and win!

The idevice will log each rep through the unique calibration system within the app and then signal when your time is complete! Then the cross training games will award you your ranking- are you a ‘Push Up WIMP’? or are your in the elite of ‘Push Up Grandmaster?’ the Cross Training Games will award you your deserved ranking!

And that’s only half of it!! The Cross Training Games has full integration with the Apple Game Center so you can check the leaderboards to see exactly how you are performing against everyone else using the app on the international stage! Think your good? Think you can compete and take first place? Now’s the time to prove it!

Not only that the Cross Training Games will save each workout you do with the app in the view workouts section so you can automatically log each workout and see how you are performing to keep your fitness progressing.

Training with the Cross Training Games puts the fun back into training!

-Amazing rep logging ability for each specific exercise

-Complete integration with the Apple Game Center

– Blurs the line between exercise and gaming!

-Compete on an international stage!

-Put fun back into your workouts!

-Automatically log each workout, each rep each time to keep yourself progressing

-Receive your Ranking for each exercise each time!

-Complete Facebook and Twitter sharing

-Easy to use

-Burn Fat, get strong and Get Fit

Click on the icon below to go to the app store! If you can return to app store and leave stars and review after downloading that would be great!

Cross Training Games

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