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June 7th, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Body Fat

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Body Fat

1- Make sure you are concentrating on your diet not just your training- I know plenty of really fit people who are quite fat too! Training will help you lose weight and build a body to reveal under the fat when its gone but is only half the equation. Don’t think training isn’t essential though – if you diet without training you are likely to lose even amounts of muscle tissue and fat- leaving you the same body composition but only lighter and weaker-hard training will help you retain muscle while dieting.

2- Carb Cycle- Carb cycling may be thought of as strictly only for bodybuilders and the elite – but its not. It’s a great way to schedule your nutrition long term and get really good fat loss results- check out my post on carb cycling here

3- Sleep- Unless you are getting enough sleep not only will your training gains stagnate you’ll likely get fatter too. Less sleep means less growth hormone release and an increase in cortisol- both of which will lead to increased fat storage.

4- Make sure you are working with high intensity intervals rather than long stead state CV training. Even with circuit training I like my clients to perform intense 1-5 minute drills with a minutes rest between circuits. Intensity is the key not long laborious steady state CV training. Sprints are also ideal

5- Take fish oil- Fish oil is not only great for restoring the healthy fats in the body but also is good at reducing cortisol in the blood- this will help reduce fat storage especially in the belly region.

6- Don’t neglect standard weight training in the gym. Many people let standard weights fall to the side when trying to lose fat- don’t- normal free weight training is great at retaining muscle mass while dieting and really depleting glycogen within the muscle. Clients that are looking to lean up I tend to work in supersets for the whole session at the 8-12 rep range with around 50 seconds to 1 minute between sets. This not only has a massive calorific cost but increases lactic acid within the muscles which has been linked to increased growth hormone production and so lowers body fat

7- Take Vitamin D- Vitamin D has a host of health benefits from immune system support to reduction in certain types of cancer- but it also has been shown to reduce intramuscular fat

8- Drink plenty of water- Not really a fat one this one but more of a water retention issue- unless you are properly hydrated your body will always be in flux between hydrated and dehydrated causing extra water retention- keep water levels topped up throughout the day

9- Obviously avoid junk and processed foods. The more junk food and processed foods you put into your body the less muscle and more fat you will carry padawan!

10- Don’t go on the old maxim breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper! A large carb rich breakfast will just make you hungrier throughout the day as it sets your insulin levels crashing around 11am. Try a high protein low carb breakfast instead. I recommend a blended protein shake mixed with low carb berries and a couple of eggs boiled or poached.

And that’s it- stick to these and you’ll be lean – period!

Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

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