Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

March 1st, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Sandbag Manmakers!

As you know I really advocate sandbag training as an addition to any well rounded program- its a great compliment on an alternate day to an olympic lifting routine, bodybuilding regime or as part of a good rounded cardiovascular circuit and one of the best moves is the manmaker! If your a lady don’t let them name put you off it won’t have you sprouting chest hair- but its a move that does sort the men from the boys so to speak. Technique with this lift is crucial- especially as you get tired what you don’t want is to find the clean portion of the lift getting sloppy- so remember to keep a wide leg position and really drive your hips up and through when cleaning the bag up.Anyway without further delay here it is

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