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February 26th, 2012 at 8:17 pm

Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

Carb Cycling For Fat Loss


As some of you may know I have an upcoming photo shoot at the end of March and have been dieting down from a bulky 16 stone to a leaner 14 stone at present, with a good 7 pounds left to lose to get to ‘photo shoot’ fit.


I’ve approached dieting a little differently this time around as I’ve had not only a longer time to lean up, but I also wanted to try a different approach that wouldn’t leave my lifting performance dwindling.


I’ve carb cycled before to good effect – it’s a great way to lean up but also retain muscle and performance whilst dieting. I’ve had so many questions about exactly how I am cycling the diet I’ve decided to lay it all down in black and white so you can see exactly how I’m doing it.


Remember though carb cycling should be a very individual approach. What may work for one may not work for another. Every individuals BMR (basal metabolic rate)- the amount of calories that must be consumed on a daily basis to remain the same weight will differ massively and so it follows, so too will the carb allowances for each day, and in fact how many high carb days that are actually added within the program.


I’ve included all the different supplements I’m using too- these help keep my health on track and I know from experience add that extra 5% loss in fat that can make all the difference.


Low Carb Day


Breakfast- Pro-peptide Shake/Mug of Green Tea/Cod Liver Oil/Vit D3/


Snack- 2 Lean Chicken Breasts /Magnesium Capsule/Zinc Capsule


Lunch-Steamed Green Veg/300 grams of Salmon


Snack-One pineapple ring/ 6-8 brazil/walnuts, Pro- Peptide


Dinner-350 grams Lean Turkey Breast Grilled, Green Salad


Before Bed- Pro-Peptide Shake



High Carb Day-


Breakfast- Pro-Peptide/Green Tea/70 grams oats


Snack-2 Lean Chicken Breasts/ 2 Pineapple Rings/1 apple, Magnesium Capsule/Zinc Capsule


Lunch-Raw veg,350 grams white fish/ One Pear




Dinner- 350 grams salmon or chicken, 60 grams of brown rice, fresh steamed green veg


Before Bed- Pro-Peptide


Monday- Low Carb

Tuesday-High Carb

Wednesday- Low Carb

Thursday-High Carb

Friday-Low Carb

Saturday-Low Carb

Sunday-Low Carb


All my lifts have maintained their levels and my energy levels are great. I choose Tuesday and Thursday as high carb days as due to my commitments I am up until late on these days and up very early. I’m still having a pro-recover after training but in the last two weeks before the shoot I’ll switch this to Pro-Peptide to reduce the Carbs even further.

After the shoot to maintain leaness until the following video shoot I’ll be using the same diet as above but with the inclusion of a semi cheat day on the Sunday where I’ll eat pretty much what I want.

Carb cycling can really enhance fat loss and with a bit of thought can easily be implemented into a lifestyle change that can be maintained in the long term to keep you looking lean and full of energy.

To check out which supplements I use Click Here

Carb Cycling For Fat Loss





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