Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

January 30th, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Kettlebell Side Press

Side Press and Kettlebell Windmill


The Side press and kettlebell side press is one of the best core stability moves around. It is one of those lifts that unfortunately has been lost in the vaults of time- however its time to bring it back to the forefront of training and reap the many benefits that the kettlebell side press can bring about.

The Side press is very similar to the kettlebell windmill in regards to both the set up and half of the execution. Unlike the windmill the arm does not remain straight throughout the lift. During the fall phase of the side press as you reach down with the opposing hand to the floor and rotate slightly forwards the bell is pressed from the side so that the fall and the press become one fluid motion. The kettlebell should almost remain stationary mid air and the body simply falls away from it with the participant flaring the lat to provide stability of the shoulder.

This is different to the kettlebell bent press in which the bell is press out and returned to the side in the bottom position. The kettlebell side press works the obliques more so than any other core exercise in existence and really brings out the sweep of the obliques. It is essential though you use the 3 stage learning breakdown of the side press to enable you to practice the lift safely and avoid any spinal problems.

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