Extreme Fitness Brighton

Extreme Fitness Brighton

January 22nd, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Monthly Challenge! Move a Ton of Weight!

Ok the first monthly challenge is underway! Move a Ton of weight using the Snatch! Use what ever size kettlebell you like to get the job done thats 25 snatches with a 40kg, 32reps with32kg, 42 reps with a 24kg, 63 reps with a 16kg, 84 reps with a 12kg and 100 reps with a 10kg. Don’t forget to reshare the video to anyone who you think would fancy a go and post up your completion time in the comments! I opted for the 32kg and completed the reps in 1.10 mins not a personal best but still felt tough! Stay Strong and good luck!

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