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December 7th, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Fat Gripz Review- 9/10 Before you Buy Read This





Fat Gripz Review

I’ve come across many items in my training career and many item to boost hand and finger strength. Some have been discarded by the way side with only the most valuable tools remaining in my arsenal of training items. The kettlebell, the TRX, the Captains of Crush hand gripper and most recently in the last year Fat Gripz are items that have stayed with me. You may have heard about the massive benefit of using thick handled barbells and dumbells for developing awesome forearm, grip strength and finger strength and if desired to greatly increase your bicep and forearm size. Trouble is thick handled barbells are very costly and thats if you can even get them! Fat Gripz solve that problem instantly with two hard rubber type covers that can be easily slipped over any barbell, dumbbell or even some kettlebells to instantly turn said item into a thick handled item! As they say the most simple inventions are usually the best and the same can be said with Fat Gripz. If you want beastial hand strength  I really recommend you get some of these.

I decided to write the Fat Gripz review as they simply are great and cheap to buy too! I’ve been using Fat Gripz as part of my training now for over 3 months and i’ve noticed my hands and grip strength has really improved- and i’ve always thought my hands hand reached their limit of strength- obviously not. I’ve noticed a small increase in bicep size but my forearms have definitely got much thicker and my hand strength is though the roof.

I like to chuck Fat Gripz onto the barbell or dumbbell for the last set of each pulling and curling exercise- this way I can still lift maximal weights and work with the Fat Gripz on the last set and get an insane pump. On one workout a week when just concentrating on biceps I do 12 sets of twist curls with the Fat Gripz on for all the sets- the pump in the arms is incredible!

They do have some draw backs- however a very small one! If the bar already has a fairly thick handle- a fair bit thicker than a standard olympic bar they can make the bar almost too thick to hold- but hey it all adds to the workout! To

You can check out Fat Gripz for sale by clicking on my buy training gear link in the menu or clicking here!

Fat Gripz Review

Fat Gripz

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