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Extreme Fitness Brighton

September 25th, 2011 at 9:49 pm

5 Biggest Mistakes in Training





The biggest Mistakes made in training


I’ve been training people for many years and it sometimes strikes me it is the same problems that crop up time and time again that hinder peoples progress in the gym or in sport. Most of these arise from an incorrect mind set or predetermined ideas about how progress is made- unfortunately the worlds fitness press has much to answer for; with articles such as ‘Get 21 inch guns in seven weeks!’ or the so called ‘latest workout’ that was allegedly used to get a 9 stone film star to a 15 stone hunk – which leads me on to the first point-


1-    Following so called fitness magazines. I don’t want to tar all fitness magazines with the same brush as there are some excellent publications out there, but the majority are interested in one thing- your money. From either sales, advertising or kick backs they want your cash so listen to me when I tell you – they do not have your best interests, fitness or otherwise at heart. There’s little new under the sun when it comes to training and the protocols for getting someone either, strong, fit, big or lean really hasn’t changed much over the years- it does evolve and things are tweaked but the basic tenets remain the same. Magazines repackage old training and brand it new at best and at worst down right lie to their readership with promises of miraculous changes in short time scales, which ultimately means leaves the reader sorely disappointed.


2-    As Kerry Kayes mentioned in the previous interview one of the key mistakes has to be relying on a so-called magic fix from obscure supplements. Don’t get me wrong the right supplements are hugely beneficial but they are not a substitute for quality nutrition and exact and faultless training. If you are trying to make up for short comings in your diet or training with supplements then your are chucking your hard earned cash down the drain. The right supplements will give you the edge but only when the foundations of your routine are solid.


3-    The undecided. So may people fail to achieve their goals as they simply never defined the goal in the first place. Gyms are full of people  who waver between goals- one week wanting to be big as Arnie the next as lean Brad Pitt and the next thinking they may like to run a marathon. Define a goal and stick to it. Work out how you are going to get there in small manageable steps and keep making progress.


4-    You are not an elephant. No matter what anyone says you cannot remember every set of every workout or every distance and every time. Some people claim to but this is nonsense. Can you really remember what you push on the bench over 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 reps and so on and so forth for every other exercise? I’ll bet my favorite kettlebell that you can’t! Record keeping is essential so you can keep nudging out that extra rep, that extra kilo, that extra few seconds off your time each time you train- without your progress is doomed to plateaux. You may get to a fair standard but you’ll never get to where you dream of being. There are plenty good ways of maintaining records from gym apps, to the old fashioned pen and notebook- just make sure you do it!


5-    Going through the motions again and again. I see so many people setting high goals and then training like they resent every second they are training. If you want to achieve something worthwhile then get some goddamn grit behind you and own every session or you are just wasting your time. You’ll keep a basic level of fitness or strength by simply going through the motions but why compromise for that when you could achieve greatness with the same sacrifice of time. As I read somewhere recently train like you mean it!


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