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Extreme Fitness Brighton

December 25th, 2010 at 10:26 am

5 tips to improve your Kettlebell Swing

As you may know here at Extreme Fitness we love kettlebell training! The swing is one of foundation moves that can be combined into a wicked little quick fat burning drill to really push your fat burning and your fitness up through the roof.

The swing although one of the key foundation moves is not as easy as many people seem to think and we see many people with bad or downright dangerous technique swinging that bell like quasimodo and injuring themselves in the process.So we thought we’d run you through a couple of pointers to make sure that you get your fat loss off on track-

1- Make sure that you are folding first at the hips pushing your bum back behind you. We see countless people initiating the movement first at the knees or lower back ruining their form. The posterior chain and hamstrings in particular will not fire or load properly if you’re not folding first at the hips.

2-Make sure that at the end of the motion you fully engage the glutes squeezing the butt together. Unless you do this full motion hip extension will not take place and only half the movement is accomplished.

3-Keep the shoulders pulled back and retracted- this can help prevent a host of shoulder problems during kettlebell practise and helps generate inertial force on the bell- you control the bell the bell does not control you!

4- Grip the floor with your feet- through your shoes- which should be flat and hard soled ( converse are good options) . This creates stability in the legs and get you used to maintaining awareness of your weight distribution during the swing, increasing drive and stability.

5- Remember the main drive should come from the posterior chain – the hamstrings,glutes,and spinal extensors and some limited quad action- not from the shoulders and arms. The equation should be 80% from the posterior chain and quads and 20% from the shoulders and arm musculature. The grip needs to be kept tight enough to maintain control of the Bell but loose enough to allow the bell to follow its natural arc.

Heres a nice little swing burpee circuit we use here at Extreme Fitness. We time ourselves each week and aim to complete it faster each week- its a real lung burner and a great measure of how your fitness is improving- use a bell around 4kg heavier than your normal working bell for high reps and feel free to post your times and size of bell!

1 swing 10 burpees

4 swings 9 burpees

6 swings 8 burpees

8 swings 7 burpees

10 swings 6 burpees

12 swings 5 burpees

14 swings 4 burpees

16 swings 3 burpees

18 swings 2 burpees

20 swings 1 burpee

Todays time 4 mins 40 seconds with a 32kg bell !

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  • Julian
    10:32 am on January 1st, 2011 1

    nice got my lungs burning a treat indeed! i’m pretty new to kettlebell but did this in 8 minutes with a 16kg bell- will try again in a few days!

  • Peter Check
    10:45 am on January 8th, 2011 2

    20kg 6 mins 32secs

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